mostly tending, probably not trending

I care deeply about human flourishing, and about the health and resilience of our systems — human or otherwise. I am fascinated by how we can collective design and cultivate hospitable spaces for reflection, conversation and collective reckoning. Restoring our connection with self, others, and land is, I believe, at the heart of all the things we are trying to make right.

Born and raised in Singapore, I currently reside in British Columbia, Canada.

This little website — which I hope to keep calm, cosy and modestly-sized — serves as a way for me to express myself, hopefully in ways that are honest, less precious/more loose, care-full, without overthinking about legibility. I am an odd bundle of things!

Why softlandings?

I believe deeply in the beauty and essential work of each individual coming into the fullness of their being and I’ve always felt called to do what is within my means to help coax that into being, little by little. As a friend. As a faraway but familiar/familial node resonating.

You can reach me at hello (at) softlandings (dot) world - I would be delighted to hear from you.